Diadem v.3 Nova Team
Diadem v.3 Nova Team
Diadem v.3 Nova Team
Diadem v.3 Nova Team
Diadem v.3 Nova Team
Diadem v.3 Nova Team

Diadem v.3 Nova Team

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The Diadem NOVA v3 Team replaces the extremely popular Nova FS 100 Lite as the 10.0 oz. option for players who want the distinctive NOVA power at a lighter weight.

Featuring a 16x19 string pattern and a 100 square inch head, the NOVA v3 Team boasts an expansive sweet spot that guarantees explosive power on every shot.

The new NOVA v3 Team features the addition of Kraibon, a revolutionary elastomer commonly used in motorsports and aerospace engineering, dampens harmful vibration while maintaining the distinctive NOVA power.   

Our cutting-edge Flex Stabilization System (FS) has been further refined in the NOVA v3 Team. Introducing FS2: an innovative technology that utilizes a double rib structure within the frame, skillfully combining HMT Carbon and high-density foam in strategic locations.  The result is a racket that offers unmatched stability, power, and an incredibly responsive feel. 

The NOVA v3 Team, the latest addition to the NOVA series. Where maneuverability meets explosive power for an exceptional playing experience for a wide range of players


Head Size: 100 sq in

Weight: 10.0 oz / 285 g

Length: 27 Inches

Balance: 6 pts HL / 325 mm

Stiffness: 69

String Pattern: 16 x 19

Tapered Beam Width: 23.5 mm

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