Tecnifibre TF40 315 (18x20)

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Updated with a sleek cosmetic, the TF40 (315) 18x20 is defined by outstanding control and great ball feedback. Like the previous generation, this stick combines a surgical 18x20 string pattern with a control-oriented 630 square centimeter head. The result is a classic racquet that rewards powerful strokes with pinpoint precision. In addition to feeling stable at impact, the TF40 moves surprisingly fast for its weight, making it great for scrambling on defense or finishing points at net. Technologies include a stable RS Sharp beam along with Dynacore XTC for extra touch, dwell time and pocketing. The TF40 also has Foam Inside for a more solid feel at impact. Like our favorite player's racket's, the TF40 (315) 18x20 delivers truly impressive command over the ball. The fact that it offers great feel and impressive speed makes it hard to beat.

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